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  • Why Consumers and Enterprises are Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) ?
    Internet Of Things
15 June

Why Consumers and Enterprises are Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) ?

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things


Internet of Things

The term Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated networks of physical objects, connected devices, smart devices, Buildings and integrated with Softwares, Electronics, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity components which enable objects to collect and transfer data.

Many industry experts, consumers, and startups have focused The Internet of Things (IoT) as the next Industrial Revolution or Digital Revolution or the Next Internet. Because it will be the future of the businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the Digital world. We have analyzed how the IoT ecosystem entities connect and control of their IoT devices in Many environments, such as manufacturing, the connected home, connected cars, smart cities, smart homes, Poultry farming, transportation, agriculture etc. The platform is the key to success. The “things” will get increasingly inexpensive, applications will multiply, and connectivity will cost pennies. Keeping in mind that IoT platforms bundle many of the infrastructure components of an IoT system into a single product.

12 Reasons for adopting the Internet Of Things (IoT)

  • Improving quality of service or product
  • Improving productivity of workforce
  • Increasing reliability of operations
  • Increasing asset productivity
  • Reducing cost of materials or waste
  • Accessing new customers
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to reduce churn and support costs, gain revenue
  • Insights for new products or services or cost efficiencies.
  • Faster time to market, Lower development costs
  • Reducing risk of theft or other loss
  • Transitioning to services offerings
  • Linking price to business outcomes

Internet of Things is the most transformational trends that will shape the future of businesses in 2017 and beyond. Many international established companies see the big opportunities in IoT and enterprises begin to believe that IoT holds the promise to enhance customer relationship management and drive business growth by reducing costs, risk, and theft, improving quality, productivity, and reliability.

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